There are a few fashion and style blogs that I follow religiously. Additions to this list are few and far between (or I’d be stuck to the laptop all day!) but recently I came across Mark D. Sikes’ blog and I couldn’t help but add it to the list! I love how he focuses on one person and the collection of photos he posts really captures that person’s style and spirit! Also, a lot of the photos he posts are uncommon so it’s not the same old stuff.

One of his recent posts was about the ultimate style icon Jackie O. I’ve been a fan of her style for many years now (I started out as many of you did I’m sure – Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O!). It’s interesting to see her style evolve over the years, from young bride to the Camelot years to the Onassis era and ultimately her years as a book editor in New York. She was only the First lady for 3 years (1960-63) and married to Onassis for 7 years (1968-75) but that is the period of her life that we see most pictures of. She was a book editor for 19 years(!) but many people don’t even know that about her! I guess it does make sense because she was at the prime of her physical beauty and glamour during the White House and Onassis years, and since she never really enjoyed the publicity (to put it mildly – she got a restraining order against photographer Ron Galella!) she retreated into her own private world after Onassis died.

Here are a few of my favourite photos of Jackie, and to see more you can check out Mark’s post.

Young Jackie

Jackie and Caroline

Jackie with Ari – this is the quintessential “Jackie O look” with the large sunglasses and the big blown out hair

Another classic Jackie look!

Who are some of your favorite style icons?