Some things are so obvious you wonder why nobody thought of them before! Lately I’ve been seeing homes with slides on many design blogs – could anything be more fun? Imagine – you’re upstairs in your bedroom and need to go down to the kitchen to fetch something. Zzzziiippppp! Would definitely bring a smile to my face! And if you have kids it would definitely be fun for them too – but more importantly its a great way to inject some fun and humor into our dull adult lives! When did we grow up and stop enjoying the simpler things?

Here are a few good ones:

Indoor slides have also been incorporated into work spaces. There’s a great one at the Google (of course) offices in Zurich:

Google's Zurich office

And the one at the Tate Modern in London looks like so much fun! Its by the Belgian artist Carsten Holler and artistic/architectural slide, allowing visitors to “experience” the art. What could be better?

Carsten Holler's slide at the Tate